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The Scrubba Air Sleeve Cable Pouch and Shoulder Strap Combo

The Scrubba Air Sleeve Cable Pouch and Shoulder Strap Combo

The Scrubba Wash Bag

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Designed for convenient use with the Scrubba air sleeve, the Scrubba cable pouch and shoulder strap combo make it even easier to commute in maximum comfort and style while keeping your tech safe and secure. 

The Scrubba Cable Pouch

With its 4 inner stretch pockets and spacious laptop charger compartment, the Scrubba pouch is ideal for protecting your smaller tech accessories, from cables and USB flash drives to hard drives and even camera lenses. The pouch also ensures that your accessories remain organised, accessible and separate from your device, helping to prevent scratches and other damage.

Featuring a durable neoprene shell and a quick access wrap around zipper that allows for convenient attachment to the Scrubba air sleeve shoulder strap, the Scrubba cable pouch is simply the safest, most effective way to keep all your tech within easy reach while travelling or commuting. 

The Scrubba Shoulder Strap

Like the Scrubba air sleeve itself, the Scrubba shoulder strap has been designed to maximise productivity with minimal weight and bulk. Simply detach and fold the strap for neat, compact storage while resting or working, then use the 360 degree swivel clips to ensure fast, secure reattachment, converting your air sleeve into a protective and minimalist satchel in just seconds. By attaching the swivel clips to the ends of the shoulder strap, it can also be easily clipped onto other bags or used as a tie-down strap for cinching gear down tight, providing maximum convenience on-the-go. Perfect for when you're on the move, the lightweight and fully adjustable Scrubba shoulder strap is the ultimate tech accessory, always there to give you a hand should the need arise. 

Use this combo to:

  • Safely store and organise your chargers, cables, camera lenses etc.
  • Prevent cables from scratching your device
  • Conveniently and securely carry tech hands-free
  • Convert your air sleeve or other bag into a minimalist satchel

    Cable pouch features: 

    • Neoprene shell
    • Wrap around zipper
    • Spacious inner compartment
    • 4 inner stretch pockets

    Shoulder strap features: 

    • Adjustable length between 68cm (27") and 122cm (48") 
    • 360 degree swivel clips (compatible with the Scrubba air sleeve)
    • Lightweight and compact

    Cable pouch specifications: 

    23cm x 15cm (9" x 6")

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